Joggler Wiki enable SSH method 1 the easy way letmeinssh joggler1234 add BBC live some of the channels don't work, but BBC1 and BBC2 do BBC has a page here which gives the links to the simulcast channels perl mkdir -p /media/tmp cd /media/tmp wget "" tar xvf perl.tgz cd perl sh terminfo cd / wget "" tar xvf terminfo.tgz rm terminfo.tgz screen as it says "get this - you will want it" needs terminfo reboot to reboot the joggler from the command line reboot how to install apps cd /media/appshop cp applications.xml applications.xml.backup mkdir 430 cd 430 wget tar xvf roomservices.tgz rm roomservices.tgz cd .. vi applications.xml add the line: <app id="430" title="Roomservice" loc="/media/appshop/430/" icon="icon.swf" app="main.swf"/> kill the "opphone.swf" desktop app (it restarts and reads the new config) ps | grep opphone find the process ID (first column) kill {processID} Health 426 wget "" advice on how to do various first aid things Stocks 433 wget "" stock quotes and histories (can't seem to delete any) Twitter 434 wget "" (says short read when you untar it) twitter client @replies gives an error Photos 481 wget "" photo frame, like the built-in one Dilbert - 415 Calculator - 423 Frontdesk - 424 Roomservice - 430 Showtimes - 431 Dining - 441 Indeeda - 454 Media - 461 Stocks - 468 Attractions - 469 Notepad - 482 Alarm Clock - 487 GTalk - 491 Deepsea - 523 Ocean Catch - 528 Aces Up - 529 Package - 530 serial put a suitable pl2303.ko in /lib/modules/2.6.24-19-lpia/kernel/drivers/usb/serial/ modprobe pl2303 Problem is, can't find a suitable build of pl2303.ko... any offers? .. more to come scp daemon alarm clock hack Run any flash game/app/tv on your joggler screen dump ssh letmeinssh@{IPaddress} "xwd -root -display :0" | xwud or pipe output into a file for later xwud-ing screen size 800x480 but for applications, only 800 x 400 is available ubuntu download wget and wget md5sum joggler_unr_9.10_v1.3a.bin gunzip tar xvf plug in 4GB USB drive dmesg suggests "[sdb]" mount suggests /dev/sdb sudo fdisk -l /dev/sdb confirms it's a 4gig device note it's sdb, NOT sdb1 !! sudo dd if=joggler_unr_9.10_v1.3a.bin of=/dev/sdb bs=10M count=365 make dd print out progress... sudo watch pkill -SIGUSR1 dd [nice trick] Username: joggler Password: joggler To get root access, login as joggler and execute sudo su - Then joggler as the password. Apply post-install patches note that one of the lines is wget -O /etc/init.d/gdm (all one line!) if disk gets corrupted, it remounts as read-only, which stops X from starting. sudo fsck /dev/hda swftools install "swftools" This package includes: pdf2swf, jpeg2swf, png2swf, gif2swf, font2swf, wav2swf, swfcombine, swfextract, swfdump, swfstrings, swfbbox and swfc. * pdf2swf is a PDF to SWF Converter. It generates one frame per page and enables you to have fully formatted text, including tables, formulas etc. inside your Flash Movie. It's based on the xpdf PDF parser from Derek B. Noonburg. * jpeg2swf takes one or more JPEG pictures and generates an SWF slideshow. * png2swf takes one or more PNG pictures and generates an SWF slideshow. * gif2swf converts GIFs into SWF. It is also able to handle animated gifs. * font2swf converts font files (TTF, Type1) into SWF. * wav2swf converts WAV files into SWF. * swfcombine is a tool for inserting SWFs into Wrapper SWFs. (Templates) E.g. for including the pdf2swf SWFs into some sort of Browsing-SWF. * swfextract allows to extract Movieclips, Sounds, Images etc. from SWF files. * swfdump prints out various informations about SWFs. * swfstrings scans SWFs for text data. * swfbbox allows to readjust SWF bounding boxes. * swfc is a tool for creating SWF files from simple script files.